hello, how are you?

I am Bec + I’m not doing too bad thanks!

When did I start pottery? That would be in 2009, when my sister, Lauren and I headed down to an art studio in Kensington, Sydney for some lessons.

Four years of experimenting later, we joined Claypool, a ceramics collective + started Chuchu, our ceramics brand. Chuchu is now led by me while Lauren is taking a travel break around the world (hopefully we will be reunited in 2020!)

You can find me in my home studio in Botany, Sydney, Australia; where I’m making … breathes in … teapots, plates, mugs, bowls, platters, vases, plant pots, milk jugs, coffee strainers, oil burners, cutlery, sugar pots, hanging planters, jewellery, ornaments, family keepsake pieces (like for my newborn twins!)…

Photo by one of our fave creatives, @nik_to. Portrait photo in slideshow above also by @nik_to.

Photo by one of our fave creatives, @nik_to. Portrait photo in slideshow above also by @nik_to.

Photo by @alishagore

Photo by @alishagore

what Chu do?

We make things you are excited to pick up + use.

The mug of coffee you reach for every day. The big salad bowl you bring out when your family come to visit. The planter your lemon tree calls its own.

We know that it’s the little things that make a big difference in your day. That’s why everything we make is handmade, functional, fun… + especially for you.

Chuchu is about sharing our love of making ceramics. Here are some other ways we do it:

  • wares in restaurants, your local cafe + shops;

  • workshops;

  • exhibitions;

  • collabs with other artists + local businesses; +

  • stuff for home.

Also look out for Chuchu in…


say hello.

We want to hear from you.

Is there anything you’d like Chuchu to make? Or maybe there’s something fun we can work on together?

Just shout out!

Bec. xo